Fifty Tales - Aaron Phua and Aaron Khor

This A-team aims to modernize Malaysian Chinese Cuisine and make it more relatable to the newer generation of foodies. Born from the desire to continue the heritage of Chinese style dry noodles, Fifty Tales has evolved to creating modern beloved Malaysian Chinese flavours, as well as revisiting the culture of sharing dishes that most Malaysian households grew up with.

The love for food and drinks was what drew them to the hospitality industry. Khor grew up loving being in the kitchen and would always pick up part-time jobs after school at restaurants. He then signed himself up for Culinary Arts and the rest was history. Phua always has a heart for serving people and seeing happy faces after a good meal kept him going.

Yellow Fin Horse - Jun Wong

Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Chef Jun’s decade-long culinary career has brought her to award-winning kitchens around the world but it’s right back in her home city that her own dream takes root.

Opened its doors in May, Yellow Fin Horse is a constant exploration of elemental cooking. Open- fire is the primary source of heat; pickling, aging and salting are commonplace; and seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients are the priority.

Coley - Shuen

Shuen is a bartender who was born and raised in Malaysia. Shuen has won several competitions, including first place in Singapore and top 5 in the Glenfiddich Competition. She has also worked at Nutmeg & Clove, one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars in Singapore. In 2020, Shuen explored the bartending culture in Taiwan by working at Mu Taipei. Shuen is inspired by different cultures and wants to showcase Malaysian culture through her bartending skills.